1. Heat Resistant Fiber and Fabric
    PolyOxada is a poly-oxadiazole fiber, like aramid fiber. It has very unique properties.

  2. Resin Infusion/Vacuum Pump Accessories
    Vacuum Reservoir Tank, Pump, Regulator, Vacuum Valve, Resin Line Clamp, Tube Fitting, Quick Coupling Nylon Fitting, PE Tubing & Spiral Wrap etc.,

  3. Polytech - Geltimer
    Polytech line of gel timers incorporates all the quality features, simple operation, and accuracy of our original gel timer and more.

  4. Polygauge Thickness Sensor
    Accurate thickness measurement in inches & metric on your FRP (GRP) laminates and linings. Measure thickness of any nonmagnetic materials such as rubber, lead, wood, polyester, aluminium, etc.

  5. Polyspray/Portaspray - Gelcoater
    Fill container with required amount of catalysed gel coat. Pull the trigger and spray the gel coat in smooth right/left and left/ right motions.

  6. Polychrome
    Conventional electroplated chrome can only be applied onto a limited range of substrates, but now our Polychrome process produces a finish that look like and feel like electroplated chrome. It can be applied on almost any substrate.

  7. Polyprint
    Polyprint is a process for decorating three-dimensional products, by applying an ink pattern to a water-soluble role of film.

  8. Polyvac Vacuum Pump
    Polyvac PV1 series pumps and PV2 series pumps

  9. Carbon Products
    Carbon fibers are made by converting Polyacrylonitrile fibers under heat and pressure into high strength, high modulus carbon fibers

  10. PP Composite Wood
    We have a new product called " PP Composite Wood" a composition of PP  which is ' UV- stabilized Polypropylene ' and hardwood fiber to form the ultimate composite material.

    This composite material is of higher performance, stronger, harder, and high temperature base resin, and resistant to ignitability characteristics, any insect attack, (eg. termites), weathering conditions or any other decaying elements; thus this material is considered better than wood or treated-lumber.

    It is an alternate or substitute to ' wood' and is use as a flooring, exterior balconies, porches, decks, playgrounds and other walkways surfaces, pool-decks, boat decks or any outdoor area.  It has been tested and evaluated to meet the ASTM standard.

    This composite is made from a patented process that results in superior, consistent decking material, resisting weathering and warping, termites and other decaying elements that it is back with a 25-year limited warranty

    We address two key issues:

    1. The need to “ Go-Green ” in saving the earth and the depletion of forest coverage, recycling products and,

    2. The need to “ Go-Eco ” in line with the government regulations that restrict the use of harmful chemicals found in other wood composite and the toxic emission that can be found from other plastic products.

  11. Spike Roller
    The Spike Roller is used for Epoxy/Resin/Cement  flooring  and  Glass Reinforced Plastic  parts  to remove the entraped Air .

  12. Glas-Craft Spare Parts
    LPA-II-G/SP-85 Gel –Coat System

  13. Polytech Viscosity Meter

  14. CNG Aluminium Linear

  15. Poly-Light Pools and Ponds Lighting (Click here for more info http://youtu.be/7CNxraWMTRo)

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