Chemstain is a blend of non- hazardous compounds that will react with the chemical present in the concrete to created a permanent, antique colours. The colour created will vary, depending on the chemical reaction. It is this inconsistency that gives it the marble effects that can not be achieved any other product.

There are 8 standard shade to choose from. This will enable artists/ designers to create a whole range of designs/patterns and drawings, which can not be accomplished with today's architectural materials.

Chemstain can be applied onto old and new concrete by using brush, roller, spray etc. The chemical reaction will produce a white precipitate. This got to be clean off by using a hard brush with soap and water, or a high pressure water jet if the area is large. The actual color will be exposed once the precipitate is removed.

Many old concrete floors are thus rejuvenated this way with artistic design and unmatched classical beauty.

A hard glossy sealer is normally used to create the natural depth of a stone and also to brings out the color more vividly.

Chemstain Finished Colors
Results may vary as the effects of Chemstain are unique to each concrete surface

Rocks made from Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete and stained with Chemstain look so natural that it will even fool an expert.

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