Corrosion is the wearing away of a surface of a particular material when they are in contact with air, water, acids, alkaline, solvents, chemicals or in combination.

It takes place every moment if the material in question is not protected.

Two of the most common way to deal with chemical corrosion is by linings and coatings of the substrate.


It is a system where layer upon layer of resin and reinforcement laid, up to the thickness required and usually followed by a top coat. The resin system used depends on the operating temperature, chemicals to protect from, substrate, wear and tear conditions.

The type of resin system used varies from polyurea, epoxy, bisphenol A, polyurethane, vinylester, isophthalics and the reinforcement can be fiberglass, carbon fiber, polyester veil, C glassfibre veil, aramid fiber etc


These are usually thin layer of formulated resin based material, applied onto a substrate. The selection on the type of resin to be used depends on what performance is required of the system.

In a highly corrosive, and wear and tear environment, glassflakes are usually incorporated into a high performance vinylester based resin which will then be known as glassflakes compound.

Coatings using Glassflakes compound, when magnified a thousand times, will see hundreds of fish scales like glassflakes lined parallel within the thickness of that coat. Therefore, for a liquid to permeate through to reach the substrate, it needs to wind through these glassflakes which could means forever, when compared to a similar coating resin but without the glassflakes.

The glassflakes within the coating also acts as a wear resistant material as it is generally a much harder product than the resin system.

For the range of resin mentioned and used for the linings and coatings, it will do the job of protecting against hundreds if not thousands of chemicals, acids, alkaline etc in varies environment and situation.

OTHER SYSTEM like elastomeric coatings and epoxy coatings are also frequently used as a corrosion protection.

If you have a requirement for chemical corrosion protection to your floors, walls, tanks pipes etc, contact us @ We will recommend and guide you through with a suitable system.

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