Santotrac - Traction Lubricants

This is the only family of synthetic hydrocarbon oils and greases that offer performance that not only exceed top quality petroleum based oil in their lubricating ability, but at high pressures, the pressurized film act as a 'GRIP'. This unique phenomenon is due to the ability of Santotrac to transform itself from a liquid film to a pseudo soild pad when two metal rolling contacts comes nearer and nearer to each other. Once it passes the tangential contact point the pressure is eased off and it reverts back to it liquid state. The 'Grip' effect greatly enhances the coefficient of traction of the lubricant, thereby increasing the output of existing traction drives by 50~100% when used to replace existing petroleum based oils. It also protect the metal parts by preventing metal to metal contact, and in fatigue metal, prevent fatigue cracks propagation due to hydraulic action exerted into micro cracks when using normal lubricant . Tests conducted show an increase in fatigue of 1.7times at a temperature of 63 °C and 3.4 times at temperature of 115 °C when using Santotrac as compared against mineral oil. It can operate in extremely high temperature environment without any significant change iof viscosity and loss of lubrication. As there is literally no metal to metal contact, the level of noise generated will be significantly reduced. With the introduction of Santotrac in Traction Drives, additional advantages can be derived from it. 1. Higher power transmission and less speed changes with increasing or decreasing variable loads. 2. Greater performance reliability and longer service life for parts. 3. Smaller, lighter, low cost drives can be designed for any given level of output Area of application · Traction Drives · Rolling Contact bearing lubricants · Journal and sliding bearing lubricants · Gear Lubricants · Hydraulic fluids · Automatic transmission fluids · Other application includes : Submarines for reduction in noise; Cooling electrical coil ( other material form coke); clutch of press machine; stepless welding machine

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