Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC of GFRC) has been widely used in the world for a wide range of application. It can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Architectural : Wall cladding; Sun Screen; Decorative mouldings; roofings

Civil Engineering : Drainage; Lost formworks; Decorative slabs; Pipes

Landscaping: Rockscape; Slate tiles; pavement tiles, landmark statue

GRC Slate & Flag
GRC Rockscape
GRC Waterfall

One of the major advantages of GRC is that it does not use steel as a reinforcement, instead, it uses a special alkaline resistant glass fiber as a reinforcement. The product therefore:

1) Do not corrode,
2) Possible to have a thin section, making it lightweight,
3) Possible to form complicated shape.
4) Is noncombustible /fireproof
5) Has lower water absorption than concrete

There are 2 methods of producing GRC/GFRC product.

  1. By spray up : This method requires a GRC spray station, high shear mixer, AR rovings; cement, silica sand, water, plasticizer, polymer.
    This method can load up more AR Glassfiber , and therefore has a better mechanical properties than the premix method.
  2. By premix method: This method requires a premixer, AR fiberglass chopped strand, cement , sand, water, plasticizer, polymer.

These materials are mixed and transfer to a mould, in the case of a rock production a textured PU rubber flexible mould. Once it is cured, the GRC are then demoulded.

Concrete chemical colour stain is then applied on the surface of the GRC. The cement in the GRC will react with the chemical to form a permanent and realistic antique colour.

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