Poly Slitting Machine



This machine is used to cut /slit all kinds of Fibreglass Mat, Cloth, Woven Roving, surface mat and
Non-woven products,
Composed of cutting device, mat roller shaft and electrical motor.
The speed of the motor is adjusted by worm reducer.
Equipped with digital display, square guide rail sliding, pneumatic fastener.
The machine is durable and easy to operate.


Technical Data

Cutting Length : Ø800mm x 2000mm/L
Rotation Speed: 70rpm to 1450rpm
Cutter Blade: 5M
Elect. Motor : 380V/3ph 2.2KW 1460rpm
Cutting Width: 60mm to 1850mm
Shaft Diameter: Ø70mm
Clamping System : Pneumatic 100PSI/5CFM
Machine Dimension : 2750 x 1100 x 1200 in mm
Total Weight: 800kg

1 set Ø50mm x 2200mm/L Roll Shaft


For more information on Poly Slitting Machine, please contact us @ enquiry@polymertec.com

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Website: www.polymertec.com

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